Consulting Team

David Hawkins, PharmD

Dr. David Hawkins is President of The Higher Learning Company and has more than 40 years of academic experience in pharmacy and medicine. He has served in various administrative roles including Vice President for Academic Affairs and Founding Dean of Pharmacy at the California Health Sciences University and Founding Dean of Pharmacy at California Northstate University. Dr. Hawkins has more than 100 publications in the medical and pharmacy literature and he has given more than 200 national and international presentations at professional and scientific meetings. His professional expertise includes strategic planning, developing new academic programs, designing team-based learning curricula, and assessing and improving critical thinking skills and learning outcomes.

Larry Michaelson, PhD

Dr. Larry Michaelsen invented TBL while teaching a course in management to a large class at the University of Oklahoma. Dr. Michaelsen is known and respected all around the world for his teaching and innovation in education. He has given countless workshops and seminars on TBL, has been the author and editor of four books on TBL, and has been enormously helpful to numerous faculty whose passion is to engage students in active learning, critical thinking, and problem solving. In his 40 years of academic life, Dr. Michaelsen has received numerous awards for his outstanding teaching and for his pioneering work in TBL.

Barry S. Stein, PhD

Dr. Barry S. Stein is Chair and Professor of Psychology at Tennessee Technological University. Dr. Stein received his Ph.D. from Vanderbilt University in cognitive psychology and has authored and coauthored numerous articles on learning, problem solving, and critical thinking throughout his career. He is coauthor of the Ideal Problem Solver: A guide for improving thinking, learning and creativity. He is the principal investigator for three National Science Foundation Grants to refine and disseminate the Critical thinking Assessment Test (CAT) and is Co-Director of the Center for Assessment & Improvement of Learning. Dr. Stein has given numerous presentations and workshops on assessing critical thinking across the country.

Victoria Nesnick, EdD

Dr. Victoria Nesnick is a faculty development consultant, interactive workshop facilitator, and also mentors faculty and academic administrators. Her work focuses on the principles and strategies needed to improve teaching and learning and assess student-learning outcomes.  She uses her faculty development manuals and series of best practice/quick reference cards to transform faculty and subject matter experts into highly effective educators. She has taught 24 different courses on teaching and learning, both in class and online.  Dr. Nesnick’s academic experience includes serving as an associate dean of instruction and deputy chair of education.  She is the recipient of numerous honors and awards.